About YPEN

Young Parent Elevation Network (YPEN) is an uplifting, supportive community for young parents. Our mission is to educate and elevate young parents to improve the well-being of themselves and their children. Since 2015, we have conducted research regarding the health of young parents and the challenges they face. We have adopted a personal development model of practice that builds the intangible capital of young-parent families to help them succeed at work-life integration.


We teach young parents personal development skills to elevate their internal strengths and resources for personal success.


We teach young parents power skills to elevate their economic circumstance and provide entrepreneurship resources for professional success.


We elevate young parents through our PowerSkills parent academy, positive + purpose network, and parenting resources to promote positive parenting behaviors and successful child outcomes.

Our Core Values

We value open-mindedness. We know that being open to possibilities could lead to positive transformations. 

We value collaboration. We understand that creating solutions to complex issues requires working together with others. 

We value accountability. We are willing to accept responsibility and to account for our actions.

We value accessibility. We understand that having access to resources to utilize for your family is important for elevation. 

We value human dignity. We know that every member that make up the family unit have value and are worthy of great respect. Whether you are a father, mother, grand parent or child you are highly respected and will receive support.

We value learning & improvement. We help young parents find ways to utilize pain and past setbacks as way to grow and not an excuse to not persevere.

Our History

Young Parent Elevation Network (YPEN) started in 2015 to offer education, guidance and support in three key areas: mental health, spiritual resiliency, and practical assistance (finances, household etc.).

One early afternoon, Jennifer Okosun found herself back at social services signing up for temporary cash assistance and completing the orientation for the 3rd time. During the orientation, she felt so frustrated and confused as to how she ended up back there again. It was that moment when a light bulb went off in her head and she started writing out the plans for Young Parent Elevation Network. She felt as though that no parent should have to keep coming back for government assistance and the there is another long-lasting approach to economic stability. So she asked herself, what was it that would keep us from returning? On the back of the orientation documents, she started to write a mission statement, core values, vision, etc. 

Then she got a core planning team together and they started planning in May of 2015 with a group of young single mothers from a transitional housing program. The young mothers spoke about the importance of strengthening their faith, creating a support group for accountability and promoting positive change for the hearts and health of themselves and their children. 

Young Parent Elevation Network is an organization providing effective programs for mothers with limited or no support utilizing a whole-person approach. We believe that the quality of parenting increases in proportion to the quality of their physical and mental health. We seek to educate, guide and support young parents through our skill-building courses in the PowerSkills Parent & Provider Academies, support network, resource guidebooks, Heal to Love Self-Care talk show and retreat.

Since May 2015, we have assisted several parents with obtaining a life coach, moving assistance, job, baby clothes, obtaining childcare, prayer support, and bible studies. We have established a weekly newsletter, Facebook page, and website.

Let’s elevate young parents together!